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Last week's top links, Issue 16

02 February 2012, not commented yet

Solitude is no longer in fashion in today's world. The New York Times called the beginning of this year "The Rise of the New Groupthink". Most of us now work in teams, in offices where there are no walls, for managers who prize collaboration above all. The New Groupthink has transformed our offices and our minds. The problems we face nowadays are more complex than ever before, and people are experiencing the need to stand on one another's shoulders in order to solve them. We can hate meetings, but all the most important decisions are made during meetings.
  • When Larry Page took over at Google, the first thing he did was to explain to all employees how to run effective meetings. Google's new online newsletter, Thisnk Quarterly, shared the basic elements of a successful meeting. These basic rules are well-known to all of us, however, are very often disregarded by managers.
  • Patrick Leoncini, the author of the book "Death by Meeting", thinks that people "have failed as a culture because we've come to accept that meetings are just inherently bad". Leoncini suggests breaking meetings up in four formats
  • Steve Roesler came up with 5 meetings traps and ways to fix them. Not everyone is able to run an effective meeting, however, everyone can learn how to do it by attending a workshop or a course. If you are a leader, your meeting professionalism is directly linked to your success in the company. A meeting is an expensive process and should only be used to get results.  
  • Do you know how to beat the Meeting Monster? Lifehack does. If you spend too much time in meetings - follow these rules and get the Meeting Monster under control.

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Tags:  Future Trends , yaM
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