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Last week's top links, Issue 10

11 October 2011, not commented yet

Our dear users and blog followers, you are about to read our "healthiest issue" on meetings. In this issue we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to make meetings productive and healthy at the same time! The average employee has a fast-paced lifestyle ruled by a host of unhealthy habits. Most disregard regular exercise, don’t sleep enough, and work too much. Since meetings occupy a large part of our time, we are here to help you make your meetings matter and stay healthy. Are you excited?

  • Working is not good for your waistline. Or should we say sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day and only getting up to wander over to the coffee maker is definitely not good for your waistline and your overall fitness level? Fitness experts suggest employers motivate workers' weight loss and increase productivity by encouraging a more active work life.
  • Many people believe that serious conversations must take place within the four walls. In reality, the most creative moments take place outside them. Call a walking meeting and you'll get a change of scenery, boost your energy, get some fresh air and burn a few calories too. As Pepper Giardino once said: "Walking is good for solving problems, it's like the feet are little psychiatrists".
  • So much of our time is spent in meetings, workshops, conferences, presentations, seminars and catered events --- they are part of our worksite reality. Want your meeting attendees to feel better and be more productive? Feed them food that's healthy. Energize your meetings!
  • Scientists have found out that daydreaming your stories, like during one of those boring business meetings, grows your brain! Contrary to the notion that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, letting the mind wander can actually let the parts of the brain associated with problem-solving become active.

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Tags:  Useful Tips , yaM
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