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  1. 22 December 2011

    A new year is always a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make, a time for reconsideration and improvement. According to expert predictions, the year 2012 is going to be a lot more mobile than the previous one. The number of remote workers is bound to increase considerably and the use of online collaboration tools like yaM will be more widespread. Our special Christmas issue will share some tried-and-true tips with you to enjoy a successful stress-free end of the year and to start a new year with a smile and a huge desire for change, improvement and achievement. The yaM team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  2. 29 November 2011

    Meetings, meetings, meetings…They can be effective, boring, long, short, unproductive, fruitful, a waste of time. Have you ever come to the end of a staff meeting and wondered what was accomplished? Most of us have. For meetings to be productive, they must first be on purpose. Second, they should have a clear agenda. In our 15th issue of the last week’s top links we are going to talk about brainstorm meetings and how to run them using yaM, learn how to make boring meetings more fun and discuss why most meetings are a waste of time. Remember: Time is Money!

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  3. 08 November 2011

    "Meeting" is defined as "an act or process of coming together as an assembly for a common purpose". Meetings can serve a number of useful purposes. They can be used to spread the information and keep every employee informed about projects, progress, decisions, changes, or new initiatives. They can be used to brainstorm and solve problems. They can be used to coordinate the activities and efforts of different parts of the organization. They can also provide good two-way communications between managers and staff. But in all cases the purpose and the rules of a meeting are defined by the person who called the meeting. Are you interested in learning more on this topic? Then, join us in welcoming the 14th issue of the last week's top links! Stay tuned!

  4. 02 November 2011

    An endless boring meeting...All the participants are yawning and dozing off. We will help you plan your escape! You will need: a boring meeting to attend, a notepad and a pen and our Issue #13. Follow our blog and learn how to kill time in boring meetings!

    Tags: Fun Stuff, yaM
  5. 26 October 2011

    Dear yaM friends and blog followers! Our 12th issue is going to be different from the previous ones. Guess why? Because this issue is about unusual meetings. What is the most unusual meeting you have ever attended? An on-orbit meeting, or, maybe a meeting in the middle of the desert? Check out our 12th issue and find out more about unusual meetings.

  6. 18 October 2011

    Dear yaM friends, welcome to the eleventh issue of the last week's top links! Do you know what the word "maximum" means? It is defined as the greatest or highest amount possible or attained. Can maximum be achieved in meetings? It surely can! If you follow our recommendations.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  7. 11 October 2011

    Our dear users and blog followers, you are about to read our "healthiest issue" on meetings. In this issue we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to make meetings productive and healthy at the same time! The average employee has a fast-paced lifestyle ruled by a host of unhealthy habits. Most disregard regular exercise, don’t sleep enough, and work too much. Since meetings occupy a large part of our time, we are here to help you make your meetings matter and stay healthy. Are you excited?

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  8. 04 October 2011

    Our 9th issue of the last week’s top links is devoted to the ways of achieving incredibly effective meetings and to measure the Return on Time Invested (ROTI). We use meetings to exchange information and to explore complex issues, so how can we get the most of them and make sure the time we invested in each and every meeting was worth it?

  9. 27 September 2011

    Ta-da! Our 8th issue is in front of you! It’s a known fact that there’re thousands of tips and tricks on how to make your meetings matter; however, the most difficult part of the whole “meeting perfection process” is to find out which recommendations will work best for you and your company.

  10. 20 September 2011

    yaM, yaM, yaM! Hey there! We are pleased to present our seventh issue of the last week's top links! Meetings have always been playing a very important role in the history of mankind. People communicate, share their thoughts, brainstorm and, as a result, come up with some idea that might become one of the key milestones in people's lives. This is how the Wall Street began, and so did the Facebook. Communication is crucial, that's why yaM is considered to be one of the most useful applications on the market.