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Ice Breakers

26 May 2010, not commented yet

What are Icebreakers? They are introductory activities to get the group more involved, committed, focused, vocal, awake, rejuvenated!

The Name Game —- Each person comes up with a word that describes themselves with the first letter of their name. Ex. Silly Sara.

The Shoe Game —- As members enter the room, they are asked to remove their shoes. One shoe of each pair is then put in a pile. Members are asked to select a shoe other than their own and describe the owner of the shoe, according to the shoe. Members are then asked to guess the owner of the shoe.

Pixie Sticks —- Divide the group into pairs. Give each pair 2 pixie sticks and 2 pieces of tape. Have each person tape his/her pixie stick to the other person. Do not tell them why! After everyone has taped his/her pixie stick to the other person’s anatomy, tell them they must now put their hands behind their backs and attempt to open, and eat their pixie stick without touching the other person.

Birthday Boggle —- Everyone in the group remains silent. They must put themselves in order of birthday (date, month and year), without talking. After they have gotten themselves into what they believe is the correct order, go through the line and check their dates.

Backpack —- Have each person take something from his/her backpack that symbolizes him/her. Share the object with the group, explaining why it was chosen.

Humdingers —- Prepare slips of paper with names of popular, easy-to-hum songs on them. Each song should be written on 3 or 4 pieces of paper. As people enter the room they are handed a slip of paper, tell them not to share it with anyone else. On the word "go" people mill around humming their song, trying to find others humming the same song. (Variation: Use animal sounds rather than songs.)

Open or Closed — Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. A book is passed from person to person. As the book is passed, each person must say whether it is being passed open or closed. Ex. "I received this open, but I am passing it closed." The leader then says whether this is true or not. The secret is discovering what open and closed really mean. The leader has established this criterion before the round has begun. Ex. Open may mean wearing glasses or having legs crossed. Closed may mean no glasses or legs not crossed. Caution people not to tell when they have figured out the secret. There are many variations to this game- be creative.

Nerd — You need an open space and chairs for everyone except one. Everyone except one person gets a chair and sits in the circle. The person in the middle without a chair is "The Nerd." He/She says "Hi my name is…and I’m a nerd." He /She then says "and everyone who has ever…is a nerd too." Anyone in a chair who has that attribute leaves his/her chair and moves to any other chair around the circle except one of the two chairs immediately to either side. At the same time, "the nerd" is trying to get in a chair around the circle. The person left without a chair becomes the "Nerd."

Anatomy Shuffle — Have everyone pair up. Explain that you are going to call out body parts and the partners need to connect those parts (ex head to head, left knee to right elbow) They need to keep all the connections made until the leader calls out "people to people." Then everyone needs to find a different partner including the person who was calling out the parts. This leaves a new person to call out the connections.

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