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  1. 12 July 2012

    “How could we have been so stupid?” President John F. Kennedy asked his advisors after they had blundered into the Bay of Pigs invasion. This question doesn’t only apply to the Bay of Pigs decision-makers but also to those who led the United States into such major fiascos as the attack of Pearl Harbor, the Korean War and the escalation of the Vietnam War. Historical reports about formal group meetings and informal conversations among the members showed that the groups that committed the fiascos were victims of what is called the ‘groupthink’.

  2. 06 September 2011

    Our fifth issue of the last week's top links is devoted to meetings and creativity. We can fix most of the meetings with creative invites. Follow the links to find out how.

  3. 01 August 2011

    Meetings are necessary whether people like them or not. Some meetings are just unavoidable and absolutely necessary to keep the business on track. If you run a meeting, what can you do to make it more enjoyable and exciting? It's quite simple. Have meetings, but of a different variety.

  4. 21 July 2011

    Meetings are not extremely popular among employees. However, studies have shown that the way a meeting starts, sets the tone for the whole meeting. If you start the meeting with some positive round, the rest of the meeting is most likely going to be more fun, relaxed and efficient. What other easy steps can help us to make meetings more creative and productive?

  5. 06 June 2011

    Meeting specialists say that a regular review of meetings is indispensable for the success of any company. It is not only related to the quantity of meetings, but also their quality. When you analyze the meetings that are being held in your company on a regular basis, you can easily find out ways to save time and boost meeting productivity.

  6. 31 May 2011

    A staggering 90 percent of people who attend meetings believe that half of their time spent in them is wasted. Meetings can solve problems, focus on business issues, facilitate the decision making process, however, they can also put off difficult decisions. How to get the most from your meetings? Here are a few useful tips to take into consideration while evaluating your meetings.

  7. 03 May 2011

    We all attended those meetings where some participants were not prepared enough, or where the facilitator didn't have all the necessary skills to hold a productive meeting, or where the agenda was not clear. These meetings always seem like a waste of time, don't they? So, is there any way we can help rescue a bad meeting?