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  1. 05 December 2012

    Dear yaM users, friends and followers! We got an important announcement for you. Everbot beta applications are live and ready to be tested!

  2. 19 October 2012

    The yaM team has completed developing the set of applications for Google. The integration with Google Tasks, that allows you to work easily with Action Items created by you of your colleagues during meetings, has been finalized.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  3. 13 October 2012

    Track the time you spend on your meeting!

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  4. 05 October 2012

    The yaM Team has worked hard over the summer to make yaM cooler and more personalized.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  5. 02 October 2012

    Due to numerous requests of yaM users, we have developed yaM integration with MS Exchange aimed at synchronization of contacts, meetings and tasks.

  6. 18 September 2012

    We all use calendars for planning our work days. Today's post is about yaM integration with Google Calendar.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  7. 21 August 2012

    In today's post, all yaM users, friends and followers will learn how to add new participants to a meeting.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  8. 16 August 2012

    In this post you will learn how to use Workgroups effectively.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM
  9. 15 August 2012
  10. 14 August 2012

    In real life, creating meeting minutes is a time-consuming process. You should keep in mind all the details of the meeting, prepare the document, distribute it among all the meeting participants, collect comments, follow up and set tasks. With yaM, this process is a piece of cake.

    Tags: Useful Tips, yaM